SharePoint linq 2 way

IEnumerable <SPListItem> itemSPACFPs = null;

itemSPACFPs = itemSPACFPs.Where(itm => itm.Fields.ContainsField(FieldNames.SPACFP_SPA) &&

itm[FieldNames.SPACFP_SPA] != null &&



same with below

//itemSPACFPs = from SPListItem itm in itemSPACFPs

//              where itm.Fields.ContainsField(FieldNames.SPACFP_SPA) &&

//                    itm[FieldNames.SPACFP_SPA] != null &&

//                    SPAIDs.Contains(new SPFieldLookupValue(itm[FieldNames.SPACFP_SPA].ToString()).LookupId)

//              select itm;


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