Change SharePoint 2013 Logo url from sub site to Site collection top site

in the master page(seattle.master)


<SharePoint:SPSimpleSiteLink CssClass=“ms-siteicon-a”runat=“server”id=“onetidProjectPropertyTitleGraphic”>




change SPSimpleSiteLink into SPLinkButton and add NavigateUrl=”~sitecollection/”


<SharePoint:SPLinkButton NavigateUrl=”~sitecollection/” CssClass=”ms-siteicon-a” runat=”server” id=”onetidProjectPropertyTitleGraphic”>
<SharePoint:SiteLogoImage CssClass=”ms-siteicon-img” name=”onetidHeadbnnr0″ id=”onetidHeadbnnr2″

LogoImageUrl=”/_layouts/15/images/siteIcon.png?rev=23″ runat=”server”/>
</SharePoint:SPLinkButton >


SharePoint search result webpart don’t use this masterpage.

So have to change the search result masterpage in “/_catalogs/masterpage/SearchResults.aspx” for updated logo link url.

  1. Adrian said:


    After modified the SearchResults.aspx I get this error:

    Code blocks are not allowed in this file.

    How can I fix it?


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