SharePoint designer 2013 workflow date time format

My scenario : get the date format value from http web service call.

The date/time format is ISO format such as “2017-08-10T17:36:12Z”

Actual local time(Perth) is 11/08/2017 1:36:12.

However when I tried to save the field value as Date/Time workflow variable, exception happens like below error message.

The conversion could not be completed because the supplied DateTime did not have the Kind property set correctly. For example, when the Kind property is DateTimeKind.Local, the source time zone must be TimeZoneInfo.Local

Without the last character ‘Z’ is working to conversion and set the date/time variable.

  • Copy from [StrOriginalISOFormatWithZ], starting at 0 for 19 characters(Output to [StrTempISOFormatWithoutZ])
    • [StrOriginalISOFormatWithZ] : 2017-08-10T17:36:12Z
    • [StrTempISOFormatWithoutZ] : 2017-08-10T17:36:12
  • Set [DateTimeTmpVariable] to [StrTempISOFormatWithouZ]
    • [DateTimeTmpVariable] : 2017-08-10T09:36:12Z
  • Add 0 months, 0 days, 8 hours, 0 minutes to [DateTimeTmpVariable](Output to [DateTimeFinalVariable])
    • [DateTimeFinalVariable] : 2017-08-10T17:36:12Z


Date/Time Output format example

  • As String           : 11/08/2017 1:36:12 AM
  • ISO Formatted : 2017-08-10T17:36:12Z
  • Long Date  : Friday, 11 August 2017
  • Long Time : 1:36:12 AM
  • ShortDate  : 11/08/2017
  • ShortTime : 1:36 AM


Get Time Zone information for SharePoint site. (get Bias value)



“d”: {
“__metadata”: {
“id”: “[SharePointSiteURL]/_api/web/RegionalSettings/TimeZone”,
“uri”: “[SharePointSiteURL]/_api/web/RegionalSettings/TimeZone”,
“type”: “SP.TimeZone”
“Description”: “(UTC+08:00) Perth”,
“Id”: 73,
“Information”: {
“__metadata”: {
“type”: “SP.TimeZoneInformation”
“Bias”: -480,
“DaylightBias”: -60,
“StandardBias”: 0


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