SharePoint 2013 Designer workflow to update multiple selection checkboxes choice field

Some blog said when we update multiple selection checkboxes from SharePoint 2013 workflow, recommend to use delimiter(;#) but it’s not working. delimiter(,) not working either.

Example: [choice value1];#[choice value2];#[choice value3] not working

Example: [choice value1],[choice value2],[choice value3] not working


Solution) Use Json format field value settings.


Create String type workflow local variable named “MultiChoiceValues”. I tried dictionary type variable but when publishing the workflow, type error occurred.

Set Variable:MultiChoiceValues to Current Item:MultipleCheckBoxesField

  • You should select ‘Return field as’ choice as ‘As String’ not ‘Choices, Comma Delimited’ (important)
  • The workflow local variable has below format of strings
  • {“__metadata”:{“type”:”Collection(Edm.String)”},”results”:[“Choice Value 1″,”Choice Value 2″,”Choice Value 3”]}

If Variable: MultiChoiceValues contains [Choice Value 1]

Replace [Choice Value 1] with [Choice Value 9] in Variable: MultiChoiceValues (Output to Variable: MultiChoiceValues)

Set MultipleCheckBoxesField to Variable: MultiChoiceValues




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