SharePoint item related resources

Site Settings or Site Actions –> “Site Content and Structure”

“Show Related Resources” button

SPFile or SPItem has “BackwardLinks”/”ForwardLinks” properties

so you can get those linked pages using powershell script or C# code.

However there is no REST API field value for above properties.


Dev Help: Find all References to a Master Page or Page Layout in SharePoint (

2013 – how can i know the wiki pages that are referencing a document inside my enterprise wiki site collection – SharePoint Stack Exchange

Links feature in SPFile | SharePoint, ASP.NET and more (

Customizing the NewLink.aspx page – Octavie van Haaften

SPFile.BackwardLinks Property (Microsoft.SharePoint) | Microsoft Docs

Deep Dive into the SharePoint Content Deployment and Migration API – Part 4 – Stefan Goßner (

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